Is it my fear or it is my intuition?

I get this question all the time and I have many times struggled with this myself because….

1) I am human

2) You are human

3) We are not supposed to know everything because how would we grow otherwise

4) It can get confusing because going back to #1 we are humans and we complicate things.  (this is what purposely divine is helping you resolve).

I will make this tip as easy as possible because I don’t want to confuse you anymore.


-It feels good as in it’s clear.

-It’s usually quick.

-It comes to us sometimes when we don’t even logically know how or why.

-We can feel it in our body (more on that later).

-We usually have the answer right away…..

But then…..

We go back and forth trying to justify it and sort it out in our head.

Our intuition is NOT in our logic.

Yes information can come through our crown chakra but that is different than our logical mind.

Our logical mind ruminates on something.

Info from the divine can feel like it’s being dropped in. (that is what it feels like for me at times).

Start taking note of how it comes through for you. Practice and KNOWING your soul (the point of Purposely Divine) takes time and experience.

We all have different vessels and we will all receive differently.


(To me) it has more of an excuse mentality.

I always find that people know in the back of their head that it’s fear but again they try to justify.

This is usually how you know the answer.

With Intuition you usually get it quickly. It’s a quick knowing and then we act on it.

Fear has you go back and forth. But please understand that fear is not always bad. Sometimes you are just not ready for something and that is OK.

And sometimes the going back and forth is PART of your lesson to really understand it better.

I am going to be as clear as I can with you when I say this. I know you want to know EXACTLY the answer to fear vs. intuition but when we are dealing with the energetic world it is NOT black and white. EVER.

The sooner you can understand that you can’t look to soul healing, soul discovery, and soul connection in a logical way the more ease you will have with life and on your spiritual journey.

Mantra: The messages that come to me are easy to understand. I trust MY truth!