Now more than ever before it is so important to listen to your own intuition.

We hear things every day on FB, in the news, in other media outlets and we can get easily swayed.

Because of this is it sooooo important to listen to your inner guidance.

We have seen first hand what swaying people’s opinion does.

It’s confusing, it leads to anger, it leads to low self esteem and at the end of the day we must be led by our higher self which is our internal guidance system.

So what exactly is intuition?

Intuition is perception without time.

You are able to perceive data that hasn’t yet incarnated into anything physical.

And often times if something is not physical we don’t believe it and/or we give less value to it.

When you tap into your intuition you take time out of the equation.

Time does not exist in spirit. It is something that we created here on earth to measure the physical.

Caroline Myss, who if you don’t already know about her look her up. She is one of our top spiritual teachers of our time and what I love about her she is no bullshit. The spiritual path is not always paved with unicorns and roses and she is very clear about the truth.

Ok getting back to what she said in a lecture one time (paraphrasing here)….

Intuition is not outside of you.

Just like you can’t look to other people to tell you how you feel.

You must tap into it as your truth INSIDE of you.

I am going to give you an analogy here. It’s not to give you an answer right away, it’s to give you something to think about so you can begin to shift your perspective on things.

Imagine yourself on the first floor of a building. You are closer to the ground so you use your physical senses more. You smell the flowers, put your feet in the ground, etc.

As you rise up the building let’s say you rise up into your consciousness and tap into your intuition more, the view gets better….the rent gets more expensive….you see things differently….

As you get to the penthouse you see the trees differently than you did on the first floor.

You see the sky differently. You see the land differently. You see the people down below from a different perspective.

It’s not to say that the people or the view from the first floor is wrong it’s just that it’s limited.

As you get higher you see from a different perspective and your physical senses are much more useless.

You must rely more on your other senses.

You can’t feel the ground like you did on the first floor but you do get a view that others can’t see.

There is wisdom that comes with that.

There is perspective.

There is insight that the first floor can run in circles and chase their tail trying to see but will never see.

With that comes responsibility of helping guide others to see things that are not in their scope right now.

This is the story of when you rise.

You rely more on your INNER truth, not the truth of the perspective from the first floor….aka other people around you.

Again, it’s not that they are wrong. They are literally seeing what their filter is giving them access to.

But there is a world beyond that.

Your intuition is priceless.

Just because you feel something that others do not, does not mean you are wrong.

You must trust this gift from the Universe and rise into the Penthouse of your soul.

Mantra: I believe my truth even if I can’t physically see it yet.