The feminine.

We hear about it. So many are talking about it these days. And most souls reading this are actually women.

So….why should it be so hard to tap back into that part of ourselves?

Why should it be so difficult to be something we already are?

It’s not but to tell you the truth you make it so much harder for yourself….

So there’s a couple things to say here. First of all being feminine does not necessarily have to do with being a women but this helps us out.

Let’s start with the basics. We all have both the masculine and feminine within us. We need both…they balance each other out.

What happens is that in this day and age we live in a world that is dominated by the masculine so we get rewarded when we take action, produce something, move forward (and often in an aggressive way), and push our energy out!

This is what most of us are doing on a daily basis whether you realize it or not.

But now that I mentioned that to you, take a step back and observe your energy over the next week. Don’t judge, simply observe to see how much you are pushing, how much you are forcing, how much you are contracting.

I can bet (with certainty) that it’s a lot more than you realized.

So here is the thing. We need this part of ourselves. We need our OWN masculine to build a foundation for us, to make sure we are safe, and make sure we can execute our ideas, etc.

However, the other part of ourselves is just as important.

The feminine….just like the moon she is more receptive and she has ebbs and flows with her moods (again, just like the moon).

What happens is we don’t actually honor her.

What I see time and time again with coaching everyone is people find themselves in slump and they label it as bad, as lazy, as unproductive and then they pile on the shame and guilt and it just compounds from there.

So now what happens is you were in your masculine and now your masculine is being treated as superior. It’s running the ENTIRE show.

No wonder so many women are walking around deflecting men, wondering why they can’t meet someone, fighting with people etc.

When you do this you are literally at war with yourself.

Here is what I am going to share with you about honoring your feminine.

She is not a direct line. That is the masculine.

The feminine flows, she dances, she goes up and then she comes down. Think of an infinity symbol.

THIS is the feminine way. She MUST have downtime. She MUST have the yin stage where she is soft and not pushing her energy out.

This may look like times of “not being productive” or this may look like times when you can’t get all the emails out for example, etc. etc…..

This is also why I started my own business because I used to say, there is no way I could go to an office every day…what if I just wasn’t feeling it. Before I was even aware of it I was honoring my feminine flow.

I realize that not everyone can do this right now but what I do need to share is you must honor the part of yourself that pulls back, that softens up, that has downtime, that has NO AGENDA and honors it.

There are times that I literally chill in my bed with the windows open and read or daydream or draw (at least attempt!).

The key here is I DO NOT AT ALL EVER feel ‘bad’ when I do this.


And to be very blunt, I truly respect and love myself too much to waste time saying horrible things about myself. I just don’t do it. Or if it comes up I QUICKLY rectify it and MOVE ON…just let it go… again people waste SO MUCH TIME with unnecessary self hate.

I have learned that when I find myself in a yin cycle it means something is coming.Something creative is brewing.

I’ve studied this pattern in myself and have come to love it.

When you are in the yin it’s such a magical time. This is when you soften, this is when you are more heart centered, this is when the Universe is adjusting.

This is when you are marinating in the juicy goddess energy.

And then just like the infinity symbol or like a rubber band it will change (because it always does) and you will snap into another form and find yourself busy again, being “productive”, being assertive, pushing your energy out etc etc.

We must have both the masculine and feminine. We must HONOR both.

One is not better than the other. They cannot be whole if one piece is missing.

Learn to honor your yin phases and stop with all the ego that is telling you all the lies that you are lazy etc.


Drop the rope and HONOR ALL of yourself – the light, the dark the yin, the yang, the masculine, the feminine.

You are a dynamic being. Drop the story that you have to be one way…all the time…NOTHING in the Universe is static…yourself included.

Mantra: I honor ALL my sacred feminine phases for they are creating magick!