I want to explain something to you about myself that I believe will help put things in perspective for you.

If you know me pretty well from my facebook group and other services I provide you will know that I am quite feisty.

I speak my mind and sometimes I come out with guns blazing (always in love but I do get excited!!) 😉

When I have a goal I move toward it. I take small steps to get me there. I break things down and as a typical Taurus I focus on it and make it become a reality.

But here’s what you may not have known. It wasn’t always like this for me.

In fact it used to be VERY different.


Sometimes we are born with a lot of it.

Sometimes we are not. (the stories of why do not matter right now).

Sometimes we have to work at it and that is OK!

I used to be very stuck. A lot.

I used to let my fear take over and stay in that story that I made up.

I used to think (I’m sure you can relate) that everyone was better than me and what I was doing was not good enough (we can thank Saturn squaring my sun in my birth chart for that one!)


And this is what I want to express…..

Things didn’t shift overnight for me.

Can they in your life?

Yes! Absolutely. Anything is literally possible in this Universe.

However, I like to take a practical approach to things because as much as we would like to snap our fingers and just stop doing something, it doesn’t always happen like that.

And that’s ok.

We often live in a word where we are used to getting things instantly and when we don’t we are shocked.

Here’s the thing….one way to build confidence is to take baby steps.

To literally write down what you want to do and take small action steps toward that goal.

Some might be scary, some might be easy. But the more you move along the path the more experience you get.

The more experience you get the more you can build your confidence.

Even if you are doing something unrelated to work or to your purpose, if you find that you can put yourself in a situation, figure it out, do something new, etc etc, and you are fine (and in most cases, more than fine!) at the end then you start to shift your energy.

What happens is it’s subtle.

One by one…..step by step….moment by moment you start to transform.

Most of the time we are SO FOCUSED ON I NEED MORE CONFIDENCE, I NEED LESS FEAR, etc etc that we are trapped in the story.

So what you actually need to do is NOT focus on it.

At all.

Rather, make your list, start doing things that would be good for your business, personal life, etc etc and start taking small steps toward them.

When you are doing this you are not getting in your way. You are flowing.

When we focus on….I can’t do this or I’m too scared or I have shame because of this or that we are still focusing on THE IMAGINARY STORY and it keeps you small.

So try this…..let’s use this made up example….Ok, so you are scared to put yourself out there in business. Fair enough. We heard the story now let’s not focus on it anymore.

Next step. What can you do to help you in business? (even if it scares you. For now drop the story).

Maybe you do a live video once a week, maybe you send out an email (hello!), maybe you go to a networking meeting etc.

So now take one at a time and write the steps before that.

For ex: the live video one

Step 1: Download the app (in case you don’t have the Instagram app already!)

Step 2: Tell people what your IG name is

Step 3: Watch some others to get a feel for how it works.

Step 4: Practice with your friends/family.

Step 5: Do a mini one.

Come on say hi and then go. (you can secretly freak out after the 30 seconds is up.

Step 6: Oh look you’re still alive to talk about it.

Step 7: Next day, go on IG Live, say your name, say a quick quote, share a picture and then go freak out off camera if you need to.

Step 8: Amazing, you are still alive again, nothing happened so far!

Step 9: Introduce yourself, give a tip, say hi to people that pop on and then leave.

Step 10: Happy dance that you are actually doing it…….

Step 11: Stay on a little longer, refer back to one of your earlier live videos because you are such a pro now…..and so on and so on.

Ok, the point. This is just one example but you can see that before you know it you actually gained confidence in something that seemed LIKE SUCH A BIG DEAL! OMGGGGGGGGGG, Right?!

So remember, you can apply this to anything.

Building confidence doesn’t look like a magic want. Building confidence looks like small, practical, baby steps every day and before you know it, it’s so freakin easy you are laughing at yourself for taking so long.

This is where the magick is….this is why other people seem to get things that you feel like you don’t (I hear that all the time).

It’s because the more chances you take, the more experiences you have, the more confident you become and then your are a vibrational match for SO MUCH MORE!

Extra tip: Because your ego will make sure you are SOOOOO BUSY that you don’t have time for it. Write it down and post it somewhere you will look every day. Since it’s a new behavior you are trying to integrate you can’t say you forgot.

(ps- we selectively “forgot” to do new things all the time. Ego is soooooo clever I tell you!)

Activity: This week, write down at least ONE thing that you want to do but have been scared. Break down the action steps to get yourself there. Meditate, work on you chakras, and take baby steps.

If you do this, in a couple weeks it’s going to be a WHOLE different story.

Welcome to YOUR real life. It’s only just begun.


Mantra: I am capable of doing anything my heart desires!