If there is one thing that I excel at it’s boundaries.

But it wasn’t always like that.

I used to be very dependent on my boyfriend from high school to college. It’s strange actually because I almost can’t remember that girl. I talk about her now to share a story with you but I truly don’t know who she is…

I tell you that to show you how much can change for you. You can literally change from a dependent and scared soul to one that is empowered and knows her worth. Yes, it’s possible in 1 lifetime!

(Mind you….that doesn’t mean I am women hear me roar because what that means is I will knock over every man (or women) in my way…..And no we don’t want that vibration either).

We want balance.

We need balance.

You need balance.

You are not expected though to have balance every second of your lives though.

You are human after all and learning how to be here in the physical world.

For ex: there are times when you may be working on a project and you have to put everything into it and that means major devotion to your passions.

Or there are times when the kids have a lot going on and you have to show up fully for them to get everything done.

I get this.

But what is necessary in life is an underlying vibration that you can tackle the things you need to do, pour your heart into them, and THEN come back into alignment and balance and quickly.

This is having boundaries.

Boundaries are often hard for a lot of women because we are the caretakers and we are wired to say yes and to help and assist everyone.

This is beautiful and what makes us so feminine but it is also what makes us crack and feel like we are going to lose our shit!

Can you relate?

Boundaries are beautiful.

They teach people how to show up for you.

They teach yourself what you are capable of.

They change your vibration by saying I will only allow this into my life and if something else appears that is not in alignment with yourself you can easily say no and continue on your way.

You can easily get back into BALANCE.

When we lovingly have the courage (chakra 3) to say no because it’s only going to hurt us in the long run or when we have the strength to organize our lives in a more productive way it’s because we have developed better boundaries in our life.

So for today, observe your life and see where you are constantly being drained. You will know where you are feeling like shit.

How can you put up more loving boundaries to say no and take care of yourself more so that you CAN show up and be helpful and useful to others?

Remember, you must show up first for yourself because no one else is going to do that for you. You must do the work. But it doesn’t have to be hard (that is a myth….it just has to be meaningful and deep).

Mantra: I show up fully for myself because I value my worth.