This is a special edition one…I wasn’t going to share this out beyond my private FB Women’s group (Are you a part of it? Join here if not!)

Ok…so a LOT of emotions going on here with us all, I hope this will help you see even if you are feeling despair right now.

It all goes back to seeing from another perspective (module 1).

Alright…so I did not vote for Trump and I am in shock that he is now the president of the United States just as much as everyone else.

HOWEVER, I do believe he will get shit done. I do believe with all of my heart that he says things to get a reaction, how else would he have won if he stood in the sidelines and stayed quiet?

He is not exactly emotionally stable but he is a smart man in OTHER ways.

He is a business man, he does see the loop holes in this country how we are fucked with our debt and the economic system and I believe this is change that we need NOT WHAT WE WANTED.

Change ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS shocks us.

It comes in forms that we didn’t expect! It comes in ways we didn’t wish for.

Of course, that is ALWAYS how the Universe works. ALWAYS whether it is a personal thing in life or on a national level like this.

We kick, we scream, we resist, we hold onto the old ways, we think we are right……but CHANGE and I mean drastic change for our consciousness, our evolution never never never comes in a graceful way.

Think of your divorce, think of you losing your job, think of the shock when you lost your house, or whatever it was… got you moving, it shook you up.

Of course it was hard, of course there were tears and shock and disbelief. I know. It’s hard.

But there is SO much FEAR everywhere. With both candidates. We are literally run in fear. This entire nation.

So our fear is looking us in the face. It’s a mirror it’s a goddamn wake up call if I’ve ever seen one myself.

It’s peeling back allllll our layers, we are being forced to move forward with more love, with more hope even when we can’t see it at all……but again that is the way of the Universe.

One of the most important lessons in life ——> We must have faith even if we don’t like it, even if we can’t see it, even if it doesn’t make sense.

Trump is making us be better lightworkers, we are being called to action right now.

Every single one of you has a heart of gold or you wouldn’t be signed up for these emails.  Now is the time to dig deeper than ever before.

Love Trumps Hate. ALWAYS..

I love you.

My famous saying applies here perfectly: I don’t have to like it….but I have to be willing to accept it.

We are all here for each other no matter who we voted for, what color we are, what religion we are….because it matters yes to our cultures, traditions, and heritage…of course……but at the end of the day…we are all ONE!

I love you.


Mantra; I have hope, I have faith, I know LOVE is the hidden message behind this.