Today is a special day.

Yes, it’s 11/11 and we’ve all heard some kind of meaning behind it.

And yes, I will share with you the basics….

11 is a master number.

Master numbers carry a different vibration with them

(Everything is vibration)

1 is about initiation, beginnings, individualization, leadership, (it has a very Aries like quality to it if you are familiar with that).

11 is about bridging the material world and the spiritual world.

It looks like pillars.

It resembles a gateway.

I want to share a story with you.

When I turned 30 I knew NOTHING about this world.

There were no Facebook groups about this, there were no mentors that I felt like I could relate to.

It was literally only people that you see in the movies when they tell your fortune.

The spiritual world didn’t exactly exist in my consciousness before 30.

Then things started to change….

I would start seeing 11:11 everywhere.

This was before people talked about it so openly on FB like it is now, so I never heard anything about it.

It was literally spirit putting this into my psyche and I started to pick up on it.

But this is not about me….

This is about you.

I said today was a special day because 11/11, which today is, was literally the first signs I had (well technically they coincided with my dreams telling me stuff but it was all happening at once).

I was being called to something bigger.

Like you may (or may not…I don’t want to assume here) be feeling as well.

It’s scary.

I was confused.

There was more…but what the hell was it?

I literally had no one at the time.

I had to figure it out all on my own. That was my journey.

But that is not YOUR journey.

The vibration of 11:11 was my wake up call to be a lightworker which is why this day will always hold a special place in my heart.

11/11 is a special day for you because your as I mentioned it’s a gateway between the material and spiritual worlds – you have access to a higher vibration right now.

I’m not going to pretend you can pull a rabbit out of a hat today.

It’s not like that.

It’s energy…I teach you the best that I can that it’s subtle…it’s soft…it’s not trumpets going off in your head.

Today you have an opportunity to manifest things at a quicker rate.

Again, remove the notion of the rabbit or the Ferrari in your driveway when you get home 😉

Today, get clear.

Affirm to the Universe what you want.

Be a visionary but also bridge the gap between time and space.

Pull “it” into your heart and body right now.

Ask for guidance, ask for help, show up, do your part, work with your masculine energy as well your feminine.

Be a magician of light.

Huge love to you. May this day be filled with positive energy, abundance, clarity, and a gateway to miracles for you.